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Posted on diciembre 17, 2021 by Monica Vera

It is worth to mention that a flower produced in any farm is not the same that  a flower certified under the standard  Florverde Sustainable Flowers (FSF), this kind of flowers  have to be in compliance with a high level of social, ethical, quality and environmental requirements  represented in a seal aimed to guarantee the consumers that the product bought in the supermarket was grown under a eco friendly environment, full of respect for the people, the ecosystems and the future of the society.  FSF certification represents the sustainability as a competitive advantage in front of a market full of products eager to meet client demand in terms of our accountability with the planet where we live

1. They consume a lot of energy

As FSF we encourage producers to adopt energy efficient processes; that means Florverde Sustainable Flowers promotes the use of renewable energy sources and conventional energy reduction, supports preventive maintenance activities and carbon footprint reduction.

2. They use fertilizers and pesticides that affect the environment.

FSF standard incorporates  values to  minimize the use of chemical pesticides and promotes the use of non-chemical pesticides under a nurtured Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, the farms certified have an advantage to measure, mitigate and control the risk by chemical products, avoiding economical losses and guaranteeing a proper disposition, keeping records and assuring traceability.

3. They use outdated and harmful technology

Producers must also perform preventive maintenance on electrical equipment. In addition, each time they move to more ecological refrigeration systems, they not only change the product but also change the entire technological system. An example of this practice is the replacement of the old refrigeration systems, by new systems more efficient in terms of energy consumption, involving lower effects in emissions of refrigerant gasses.

4. They deforest the planet

It is mandatory for companies certified with FSF to carry out reforestation activities and not only this, but they must also do it using native species. Landscape protection is also one of the key points integrated by FSF, the standard promotes the land and biodiversity protection while guaranteeing the reforestation activities among the farms.

5. They use unsuitable staff

First, we ensure that certified producers comply with the working conditions standards established by the International Labor Organization and national laws. This includes nondiscrimination, abuse, forced labor, or child labor.

6. They exploit workers

The FSF standard considers one chapter to promote along the floriculture sector and the companies certified the best conditions to protect the labor rights; always in the context of the International Labor Organization. The guiding principles established allows the certification users to keep implementing the best practices in aspects such as working hours, voluntary work and subcontracting practices, always considering the workers as the center of the policy.

7. They only take advantage of workers

Farms are required to present evidence of freedom of association and proof that it promotes the training and development of workers.

8. Workers do not receive benefits

100% of FSF certified farms guarantee social security coverage for workers.

If you are one of those people who are concerned about the environment and also about human rights, first we want to thank you since it is due to that thought and the search to take care of everyone and everything that we exist. Please never give in and always keep fighting for these values.

But on the other hand we have the good news of confessing that you can enjoy the beauty of flowers, with the confidence that the environment and people are being cared for if those flowers have a Florverde label (FSF).