Florverde® Sustainable Flowers builds on more than twenty years of experience in developing, promoting and implementing responsible codes of conduct, standards, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Today, Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard for the flower sector that is backed by a strong team of agronomists, social workers and other professionals. This team is responsible for reviewing and updating the standard under the guidance of an advisory council made up of flower growers, agronomists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government officials. Any major changes proposed must also be submitted for public consultation.

Although Florverde® Sustainable Flowers is responsible for setting the standard and obtaining stakeholder approval, the certification itself is awarded by third party certification bodies, such as Icontec and NaturaCert. The certification process includes reviewing farm documentation, inspecting farms, interviewing workers, and reviewing lab tests results.



Advisory Council

Sergio Rengifo

Executive Director

Cecodes- WBCSD


Natalia Acero

Coordinator of Water and Cities Program
Conservation Internacional-  CI

Felipe García

Coordinator of Biodiversity Science Program
Humboldt Institute

Daniel Maldonado

Flower Growers Representative

Juan Ricardo Gómez

Professor, PHD Candidate
Javeriana University

Ignacio Gómez

Buyers Representative
Benchmark Growers S.A.S

Augusto Solano Mejía


Integrity Committee


Executive Director


Professor, PHD Candidate
Javeriana University

Technical Committee

Adriana Cinturia

Funza Organization

Stella María Castellanos

GR Chía

Juan Ricardo Gómez

Javeriana University / Advisory Council member

Ányela Cuervo

Ipanema Farms

Angélica Sarmiento


Laura Lotero

Sagaró Flowers

Technical & Administrative Secretariat

Mónica Lucía Vera
  • Biology degree, National University of Colombia
  • Environmental Law Specialist, Externado University, Colombia
  • Master studies in Geography, National University of Colombia
Hugo Fernando Montero
  • Environmental Engineer, La Salle University, Colombia
Martha Lucía Méndez
  • Specialist in Agribusiness, Buenos Aires University, Argentina
  • Master in Business Administration , Los Andes University, Colombia
  • Food Engineer with emphasis in Agriculture, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Colombia.


Advisors endorsed by Florverde

Clara Torres
Consultores Especializados
en Gestión S.A.S

Lawyer, specialist in Labor Laws with postgraduate studies in Safety and Prevention of Occupational Risks and environment, with more than 20 years of experience in the flower industry in the areas of management and labor systems.

Support on following topics:

Florverde social and management issues.


Fabiola Valcárcel

Biologist with a master’s degree in environmental management, with more than 25 years of experience in flower sector in areas of management, research and development.

Support on following topics:

Florverde environmental and management issues


Jaime Quintero
Independent consultant

Biologist (Entomologist) with more than 23 years of experience in flower growing companies in Colombia and Ecuador, in the implementation of processes under standards of good agricultural and environmental practices (GAP) and integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Support on following topics:

Florverde environmental and management issues


Yuly Andrea Rodríguez
Independent consultant

Psychologist, specialist in Human Resources Management, with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, with more than 10 years of experience in the flower sector in areas of Human Management, SGSST, Integral Management System.

Support on following topics:

Florverde social and management issues.