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Should we celebrate our 25th anniversary? The answer is: yes, but more than that; we have reasons for you, dear reader, to celebrate them.

  1. Flowers with almost no pesticides
    During these 25 years, we have managed to reduce by 90% the use of the most dangerous pesticides in cultivation and flower care. And if you ask yourself how? Well, we have incorporated plant barriers that attract more insects to them and not to the flowers. We use mites that eat others on the plantations. We have found the best answer in nature and in scenarios where we resort to other products, it’s only because it is essential and the lives of many workers and their families depend on that production.
  2. Half of our water comes from nature
    For 25 years we have worked to develop systems that not only reduce water consumption for flower production but have also achieved that 49% (almost half) of all the water we use comes from rainwater.
  3. We reduce CO2 emissions
    For 25 years we have been dedicated to minimizing emissions through the use of renewable energy. Just as we have achieved change in most of our farms within their system of natural refrigerants. This implies the measurement and evaluation of 107 farms that are key to the industry.
  4. We are harnessing the land
    In the past 10 years of our 25 year history we have increased from 19.8 kg per hectare to 122.6 kg per hectare. This makes production profitable and sustainable, in addition to offering a better quality of life to its workers and associates.
  5. We systematize rescuing the planet
    During these 25 years, we have managed to analyze more than 1.2 million socio- environmental data that allows us to determine trends and make decisions in favor of sustainability in floriculture. They have the clear objective of optimizing the production of flowers of our FSF certified growers as long as it is sustainable with the environment. And we have much more (there were 25 full years) but we believe that these points allow us to celebrate this anniversary with pride in our work.