​ Where to buy

Where to buy

Why to choose Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

Do you want to know where to buy certified flowers? you can ask for the full list to [email protected]

The following are some of Florverde certified companies you can contact directly:

Name Type Country Website Certificate number
Agricola El Redil Ltda Grower Colombia http://www.agricolaelredil.com IC BO-01-0023
Agricola El Cactus Grower Colombia http://www.cactusflowers.com.co SGS
Agroindustrial Don Eusebio Ltda Grower Colombia www.doneusebio.com IC BO-01-0035
Andalucia S.A.S Grower Colombia www.andalucia-sas.com SGS NZ10-2873
Benchmark growers Grower Colombia http://www.benchmarkgrowers.com/ IC BO-02-0002
Flores Silvestres S.A. C.I Grower Colombia http://www.silvestres.com 00024-TCNFL-0003
C.I. Ayurá S.A. Grower Colombia www.eclipseflowers.com.co SGS AU10-3028
C.I. Maxiflores Ltda Grower Colombia http://www.natuflora.net/ IC BO-01-0032
Excellence Flowers Ltda Grower Colombia www.excellenceroses.com SGS NZ09-2825
Flores Aposentos Grower Colombia www.aposentos.com.co IC BO-01-0036
Flores de los Andes Grower Colombia http://grupoandes.com/es/fincas/finca-flores-en-los-andes SGS NZ09-2825
Flores de la Vega Grower Colombia http://http://www.grupovegaflor.com/ IC ME-01-0108
Flores El Capiro Grower Colombia www.grupocapiro.com IC ME-01-0032
Flores El Rebaño (Aposentos) Grower Colombia www.aposentos.com.co IC BO-01-0021
Flores La Aldea S.A.(Aposentos) Grower Colombia www.aposentos.com.co IC BO-01-0015
Flores Milonga Grower Colombia www.milongaflowers.com 00036- HNCVT-0002
Flores Sagaró S.A. Grower Colombia TBC SGS NZ09-2532
Mongibello S.A.S. Grower Colombia TBC NAC-I-001
The Elite Flower Ltda. C.I. Grower Colombia www.eliteflower.com IC BO-01-0004
Wayuú Flowers S.A.S Grower Colombia www.pqroses.com IC BO-01-0037
San Valentino S.A.S Grower Colombia TBC
The Queen's Flowers Distributor USA www.queensflowers.com
Golden Flowers Distributor USA www.goldenflowers.com
Florexpo Distributor USA www.florexpo.com
Sole Farms Distributor USA www.solefarms.com
Benchmark Growers Distributor Colombia www.benchmarkgrowers.com
Finlays Distributor UK www.finlays.net 
HEB Retailer USA www.heb.com
Whole Foods Retailer USA www.wholefoodsmarket.com/
Wal-Mart Retailer USA www.walmart.com
Proflowers Retailer Various www.proflowers.com
Publix Retailer USA www.publix.com


Retailer Various www.1800flowers.com
Costco Retailer USA www.costco.com